Urge Shell To Stop Gazprom’s Arctic Oil Drilling And Today Is ExxonMobile Starting The Same Craziness In Russian Arctic

Tell Shell to stop Gazprom and end Arctic drilling program


• May 6, 2014

Gazprom, Arctic drilling, Shell oil

Right now Shell Oil’s partner Gazprom is pumping oil from the fragile Arctic – just 30 miles from a wildlife reserve that is home to polar bears, walruses, and beluga whales.

Gazprom is a Russian company considered by many environmental activists to be one of the most dangerous companies in the world, and now Shell Oil has signed a risky deal with them to drill in the Arctic.

Along with its very questionable safety record, its risk taking culture, and its refusal to engage with civil society, Gazprom was also involved in jailing 30 activists and freelance journalists for a peaceful protest last year.

The Arctic seas are home to some of the most extreme and dangerous conditions on the planet, and to stores of carbon pollution that could dramatically alter our climate if released, negating positive steps to fight the climate crisis.

Due to the extreme weather conditions, an oil spill in the Arctic would be impossible for Shell or Gazprom to clean up: It could contaminate up to 8,000 square miles of open water and 1,800 miles of coastline, and would likely cost billions of dollars in damages.

The hard hit victims would not be the Shell Oil shareholders, however. The Arctic contains one of the most fragile and ecologically sensitive ecosystems in the world. Its environment is extremely vulnerable to long-lasting disturbance because the harsh climate and short growing seasons provide little time for species to recover.

The region is home to some of the most amazing animals on earth, such as the entire US population of polar bears, the snowy owl and the narwhal.

Meanwhile, climate change is showing its true force around the world and nowhere is this menace more evident than in the melting Arctic itself.

On May 1st a Greenpeace ship was boarded by Dutch security agents in the port of Rotterdam and 44 activists were arrested at a Gazprom oil protest. Despite these and other setbacks and opposition, Greenpeace continues to lead this campaign and put an end to this dangerous practice once and for all:

“Our activists may be detained but this campaign is just getting started. The Arctic 30 spent two months in a Russian prison to shine a light on the madness of drilling for oil in the melting Arctic, and today they have shown real courage once again. We are hugely proud of their bravery and determination.”

—Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace International Executive Director 

Show your support and add your name to the Greenpeace petition. Gazprom must be stopped, and Shell has the power to do it. Without Shell’s support, Gazprom’s Arctic ambitions won’t go far.

Tell Shell’s CEO to cut ties with Gazprom and quit Arctic drilling before it’s too late >>




– See more at: http://tcktcktck.org/2014/05/tell-shell-to-stop-gazprom-and-end-arctic-drilling-program/61876#sthash.B0gsdenn.dpuf

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