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The end of emperor penguins? Birds could face extinction because of melting sea ice

Originally posted on World of Birds:
Endangered? Researchers have warned that emperor penguins could face extinction due to melting sea ice Emperor penguins could face extinction if temperatures continue to rise as melting sea ice will have a ripple effect…

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Yellow / Färgkulla

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The Perfect World Foundation, That Calls Themself An Animal And Environmental NGO, Wants Badly Cooperation With Gazprom ( Nominated By Greenpeace As The World’s Most Evil Company Together With Monsanto),That Has Already Started Arctic Oil Drilling, But The Funny Thing Is That The Russians Don’t Want Any Perfect World Foundation / Petrogrand Cooperation

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Great Mullein / Kungsljus

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Yarrow / Röllika

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På Katastrofhjälp För Fåglar Och Vilt—Stockholm ( Numera Nordens Viltrehabilitering, Stal Ordföranden och Vice Ordföranden Alla Pengar Som Donerats Till Dem ( CEO and Vice CEO Stole All Donated Money For The Animals At Wildlife Rehab Centre , Stockholm) KFV–Stockholm

Ja , det är den bistra sanningen om Nordens Viltrehabilitering. Ordföranden och dess vice stal alla pengar som donerats och testamenterats till dem av snälla djurmänniskor. Ca 250 000 kronor. Allt går att läsa i medlemstidningen , och har man … Continue reading

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Rare Poitou Born At Farm In Sterling

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A Field Guide to the North American Hunter

Originally posted on Exposing the Big Game:
People tend to paint all wildlife-killers with a single brush stroke, referring to them all simply as “hunters.” Yet close scientific observation reveals that there are actually five different categories, or sub-species, of…

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Bogesundslandet : Northern Lapwing

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Foxy Lady As Usual

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