Is the GM crops war over? What’s next?

Science on the Land

GM (genetically modified, genetically engineered) crops are a fact of life by now. In our interconnected world (remember the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, TTIP, which might be finalised soon) I think that people who oppose GM crops may have lost this war. These arms races: biotechnology against evolution, corporations against people. What can we do now?

This week we’ve heard of a GM canola (oilseed rape, rapeseed, Brassica napus) resistant to the popular weedkiller Roundup (glyphosate) made by Monsanto, which ‘cannot coexist with organic and non-GM conventional crops’. Also this week, we’ve heard of a GM soya (soybean, Glycine max) resistant to an older and nastier weedkiller, 2,4-D, which has been submitted for approval by Dow AgroSciences.

This soya is necessary, we hear, because Roundup Ready crops aren’t working so well any more. Thanks to the evolution of ‘superweeds’. We hear also that Monsanto’s insect-killing…

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