It’s Even Worse Than Usual To Be a Chicken

The Paw Report

It’s absolutely terrible to be a chicken in America. Chickens are not given the same federal protections as other food animals because they are exempt from the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, which dictates how our food animals are killed. This is shocking, especially in light of the fact that chickens make up over 90% of animals killed for food. With beef prices at the highest they have been in 27 years, consumers are choosing poultry — and are actively encouraged to do so —  to save money: In Delmarva, a difference of $4.00 was found between beef and chicken costs. A chicken farmer told WBOC 16 that “the trend means job security for all those who work in the industry.”  But what about the chickens? This trend surely means more chickens will suffer and be killed for food.

But does anyone care? In recent days, I’ve been quite disgusted…

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