Interpol Urges Joint Action To Stop Tiger Trade

Environmental Investigation Agency

Interpol urges global action to stop tiger trade

Global police body Interpol on Thursday called for concerted international action to stem the highly lucrative tiger trade “if the species is to avoid extinction.”

In a statement, the Lyon-based body called for the creation of a “cohesive global strategy” to fight increasingly well-organised gangs trafficking in tiger parts.

It called for the setting up of a network of intelligence analysts to coordinate cross-border information exchanges on the trade.

“Intelligence gathering and information sharing… are essential if law enforcement is to fully play its role in preventing criminals from driving this iconic species to extinction,” David Higgins, head of Interpol’s environmental security unit, said in the statement.

Interpol said it would organise a four-day meeting with experts in Lyon in May to begin coordinating efforts.

Tiger parts are coveted in some parts of Asia as ingredients in traditional medicine.


Image: Three-week old Bengal tiger cub suckling, Bandhavgarh, India (c) Elliott Neep Wildlife Photography (ENWP) /

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