Barred Owls

Stephen L Tabone Nature Photography


Last weekend, I took my kayak out of winter storage and went in search of the Barred Owls  that live across the lake in a wooded area surrounding a creek that flows into the lake. I was able to photograph them several times last year, but I had not seen or heard them for several months. Barred Owls do not migrate, but may wander from their nesting territories when prey is scarce, for example when snow is deep. As you can see from the images in this article, I found the pair of Barred Owls.


I arrived by kayak up the creek and it did not take long to spot the owls because the trees were leafless. After the trees leaf out, the owls are more difficult to locate and to photograph.


I spent a couple of hours photographing the Barred Owls, and during that time, they occasionally moved from tree…

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