PETA Rescues 17 Bears From Concrete Pits

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Seventeen bears have been rescued from what would have been a life sentence in miserable concrete pits in Helen, Georgia. They’re now roaming acres of natural habitat at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado, where they are already rolling in the grass, racing around their fields, and enjoying relative freedom and fresh mountain air in a stunning 60-acre habitat.

The move was the result of a collaborative effort between PETA, PETA patron and The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon, The Wild Animal Sanctuary, the Atlanta Humane Society, and PETA patron and Atlanta Humane Society Executive Committee Vice Chairperson anna j ware. PETA worked quickly to relocate the first six bears—two pregnant brown bears, Ursula and O.B.; cubs Howell and Mansell; and juvenile siblings Drew and Rose. Ursula and O.B. were moved to the sanctuary in time to give birth to their new cubs in comfortable dens, and for the first…

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