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Do We Think This Is An Appropriate X-mas Card? :( Lars Och Ragnhild Jacobssons Makabra Julkort Från The Perfect World Foundation.

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The Great Save The Rhino Con—Fundraising Money Put In NGOs Own Pockets

There has been a dramatic increase in “Save the Rhino” activities and programmes – very few of them actually aimed at saving the rhino. Instead, many of these so-called programmes are aimed at saving someone’s bank balance to the detriment … Continue reading

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Two Working Horses

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South Africa Tourism: A Catch 22

Originally posted on Fight for Rhinos:
Of the world’s most popular travel destinations, South Africa ranked #21. Tourism supports 1 out of every 12 jobs in South Africa,  in total contributing 9% to the total GDP (gross domestic product). Among…

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Bird of the Day: Kingfisher (Hebbal Lake, Bangalore, Karnataka)

Originally posted on Organikos:
Hebbal Lake, Bangalore, Karnataka

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Happy Birthday, Harriet

Originally posted on Morning Bray Farm:
We celebrated a year with Harriet last week. I believe this is what you call a “strawberry smile”: And notice the totes adorbs blackberry kiss on Bernard’s nose: The move from Albuquerque to Lexington…

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Swedish Volunteer Company The Perfect World/ Volunteer Travels Is Teaching Violence. Volontärresor AB Lär Ut Våld I Sydafrika :( Här kommer mer negativ respons på Volontärresor AB: lisandersson 13/3-12. Jag tycker inte att du ska åka med Volontärresor AB. Reste till Ghana på ett kortare projekt med Volontärresor AB och det var ingen bra organisation enligt mig. Dom … Continue reading

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PETA Helps Swedish Organization To Abandon Animal Testing

Written by Chrissy Matthies | December 26, 2013 With financial support from PETA, the Swedish Fund for Research Without Animal Experiments was able to persuade the Swedish government to create a national center where scientists will work on strategies to develop … Continue reading

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Wünsche ich all meinen Verfolgern

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Quote Of Today —Mattias Klum

“Många av oss har upplevt och njutit av natur i många länder runt om i världen. Vi undrar hur vi i Sverige ska kunna förvänta oss att tigrar, elefanter, noshörningar och andra fantastiska djur ska kunna finnas kvar om vi … Continue reading

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