Conservationists Sue To Stop Animal Killing Contest On Public Lands

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Press Release from WildEarth Guardians

Conservationists Sue to Stop Wolf and Coyote Killing Contest on Public Lands

Today a coalition of conservation organizations sued the U.S. Forest Service for failure to require permits and environmental impacts analysis for the advertised “Coyote and Wolf Derby” in Salmon, Idaho, December 28 and 29.  The lawsuit seeks an order requiring the agency inform the killing contest sponsors and participants that shooting wolves and coyotes on public lands as part of the contest is illegal without the required environmental analyses and permits.

“Killing contests that perpetuate false stereotypes about key species like wolves and coyotes that play essential roles in healthy ecosystems have no place on public lands.” Said Bethany Cotton, wildlife program director at WildEarth Guardians.  “The Forest Service is abdicating its responsibilities as steward of our public lands.  We are asking the agency to comply with the law: require a permit application…

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