Neonic ban starts today

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Today a two-year ban on three insecticides called neonics (neonicotinoids) came into force across the European Union (EU). The neonics are used as seed dressings to reduce pest attacks. Their names are clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam.

The neonics have been temporarily banned because they kill bees and other insects that we want to avoid killing. Insects which pollinate crops and which are essential in many other ways, providing ‘ecosystem services’. You could follow my tag ‘neonicotinoid’.

Yesterday Dave Goulson in the Ecologist wrote that this temporary fix isn’t good enough because it doesn’t tackle other problems that good insects face.

Also yesterday, Philip Case in Farmers Weekly wrote that the ban might make things worse because it provides farmers with an incentive to use even ‘dirtier’ pesticides.

Both quite negative, eh? I haven’t yet seen happy buzzing about today’s change in the law as a sweet honeypot. But for…

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