Demand Endangered Species Protection For Wolverines

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With fewer than 250 individuals left in the Rocky Mountain States, wolverines (gulo gulo) can no longer withstand the cumulative effects of climate change, shrinking habitat, development and other human activities including recreational trapping.

Only endangered species status will prevent legal, recreational trapping of wolverines.

Being amazing mountaineers, who can easily and quickly scale huge mountain tops, wolverines depend on snow-covered areas for finding food and mates, migrating, building dens and raising their young.

Yet the USFWS is proposing listing wolverines as merely ‘threatened”, with a special rule that would still allow many of the human activities that are already causing their numbers to dwindle. This comes on the heels of a few vocal states questioning the climate science that supports the need for protection. These states have a vested interested in continuing their recreational trapping programs and they oppose wolverine protection for political reasons.

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