White-faced Storm Petrel: Juvenile plumage

Birding Frontiers

Rarely photographed

by Martin G.

One of the less headline making observations on our Lazararote pelagic in August was of the first apparent JUVENILE White-face Storm Petrel seen on these trips. Do you remember when they were called the mythical sounding ‘Frigate Petrel’? It was alongside a worn adult type and both fed in-between our 2 boats.

Below –  photo showing the 2 the apparently different ages classes together. First time captured on camera?

ad and juv White faced petrel aug 13 2

apparent worn adult (left) and juvenile (right) ‘Frigate Petrels’, off Lanzarote, August 2013. Martin Garner

Which taxa?

There are 2  forms described for the North Atlantic, though it’s debated whether they are valid or not. I found the literature a little conflicting in describing differences. I also couldn’t resolve in my mind which population a fresh juvenile in August would have come from. Suggestions welcome.

I checked with other’s on our boat and Johannes Dag…

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