Barred Owl

Stephen L Tabone Nature Photography

Over the summer, the Barred Owls that live around the lake where I live have been very active.  There are two mated pairs and at least one offspring that I have seen and photographed (previous blog article). Every evening, when I am outdoors or have my windows open, I can hear them hooting back and forth at dusk.  They are very loud, and for me, it is thrilling to hear their enthusiastic calls.

Recently, at dusk and early evening, the owls have been venturing further than usual from the heavily wooded areas across the lake and closer to my home. I was able to photograph one of the owls over the weekend and was excited to get the shot and posted it to Facebook. It was totally dark and very challenging to get that image due to its distance, branches that covered parts of the owl at times…

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2 Responses to Barred Owl

  1. Lindy Lee says:

    Just to let you know, I’m watching your beautiful posts. I never have to go out & get stung by mosquitoes bird watching or travel to far away places & sleep on uncomfortable beds to see the world. I am a follower of Ann Novek, who brings beauty, joy & animals, some I never would have known existed, conveniently onto my computer screen. Thank you…

  2. narhvalur says:

    LOL! Your comment is really nice! Thanks!

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