Stop Big Ag From Silencing Whistleblowers!

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Ag Gag laws across the country are outlawing undercover investigations and allowing corporate interests to act without impunity. Demand Congress take action to stop Big Ag from silencing whistleblowers!

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Dear [Member of Congress],

I am calling on you to take action and stand against dangerous Ag Gag laws that are threatening to turn whistleblowers into criminals. Big Ag has been lobbying for legislation at the state level across the country, which would make it a crime to expose wrongdoing at animal and other agricultural facilities. These bills aim to outlaw undercover investigations and silence whistleblowers. History has shown that undercover investigations are often the most effective ways to expose illegal and unethical practices that put the American public in harm’s way. One undercover investigation of a slaughter plant in Chino, California, not only brought to light unsightly animal abuse…

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