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A pair of northern bald ibis were released from a breeding site in Palmyra, Syria last spring for their annual migration to the Ethiopian highlands.

Odeinat, an adult male and father of two just fledged juveniles, was fitted with a tracking tag. The female, Zenobia, was not. Two juveniles from a semi-wild population in Turkey were released concurrently.

Researchers tracked the birds via satellite. Odeinat’s tag stopped transmitting in southern Saudi Arabia last July. It has not been possible to search for him, as the last signals did not give an accurate location.

Subsequently, a total of four birds were seen briefly this January at the usual Ethiopian highland wintering site. Researchers have just reported that Zenobia has returned to Syria without Odeinat. There are no signs of any more birds so far returning from their migration to Ethiopia. Zenobia may be the last of her kind.

    The ibis is…

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