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Zolushka (Cinderella in English) is an Amur tiger. She was orphaned in the winter of 2012, and we were helping to raise her at the rehabilitation facility in Alekseyevka village, near Vladivostok in Far East Russia. When she was found, she was exhausted and frostbitten. Very often tiger cubs like her suffer frostbite on their tails. Cinderella’s tail was affected too, so the very tip, about 5 to 7 centimeters, had to be amputated. This is the tip that tigers so characteristically curve up.

    While living in the rehabilitation center, Cinderella has learned two most important skills: to hunt and to avoid human beings. Both are innate, but her time spent in rehabilitation gave her an opportunity to develop them, and Cinderella rather excels at both.

    Whether Cinderella was ready for release, was decided by many of the world’s Amur tiger experts. After long discussions, the date for the release…

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