Is It Cute? Or Is It Exploitation?

Dogpaddling Through Life

Cute animal pictures and videos often make me feel sad.

I know, cute kittens and puppies are what keep Facebook, America’s Funniest Home Videos and Instagram going. So my position isn’t a popular one.

It’s the goal of any good blogger or videographer to have his/her animal video go viral, such as this recent video of a dog licking a lion’s teeth at a “zoo” in Oklahoma.


But I don’t find that video at all cute.

This is not a relationship found in nature, though to be sure, such friendships do occur.

I look past the lion to the enclosure, and realize the lion is in a large cage with a concrete floor. That’s not healthy for the lion.

At the clip’s end, we learn the pup was 4 weeks old when introduced to the lion. Really? As a potential friend, or as a meal?

What you may not…

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