First Light Productions

sends investigators into the field, to trail livestock trucks and visit markets, collecting stations and slaughterhouses to expose abuses involved in horse slaughter, long distance transport, non-ambulatory animals, and factory farming. Their investigators provide documented reports and video footage to news media as a public service, and share what they find with auction and slaughter plant management, “to encourage positive change in the way farm animals are handled during transportation, at auction, and at slaughter.” (Imagine being a fly on the wall at one of those meetings.)

Check out their investigations here.

Last year ANIMAL POST reported on their investigation of a New Mexico facility operated by Dennis Chavez, New Mexico’s largest kill buyer, where investigators found a pitiful scene of corrals strewn with dead and dying horses.

Most recently Animal Angels documented conditions at the Knoxville Livestock Center (the research may not yet be posted, keep checking), one…

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