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Repeated complaints from tourists who visited the northern Peruvian village of Dos de Mayo, Sauce, in the province of San Martin, about the large amount of wildlife used to attract tourists for photo opportunities and to sell as pets or body parts, prompted an intervention and rescue by the group Neotropical Primate Conservation (NPC).

NPC visited the village before the rescue disguised as tourists and found animals kept in appalling conditions. Two boa constrictors, used as photo props, had their teeth pulled out and the mouths wrapped with duct tape—apparently, a few months ago another boa bit a visitor’s cheek off when placed on her neck for a photo.

In the worst condition was a terrified infant howler monkey who was being offered to tourists for photographs. Howler monkeys are a protected species in Peru and are extremely sensitive to captivity.

NPC took photos of all the animals and returned…

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