Federal Courts Dismiss Activists’ ‘ALDF’ Anti-Foie Gras Suit


“How can anyone think, shoving a gavage (pipe or tube) down the esophagus, of geese or ducks then force feeding them with, typically, corn boiled with fat (to facilitate ingestion) so the birds liver becomes over enlarged; so it can then be eaten as a delicacy… is totally beyond me! Of course it’s bloody cruel & barbaric, no other animal that I can think of is force fed via a tube to make any part of their body fatter for human consumption. Yes animals are given extra grain & even growth hormones but they are not force fed it via a bloody pipe…it’s savage & uncalled for; we kill enough animals to meet the demand for meat or other animal body parts! Do we really have to  force feed a bird in constant chronic pain from the tube…just for a delicacy?? What will they come up with next, pickled eyeballs, coated in vinegar daily, to…

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5 Responses to Federal Courts Dismiss Activists’ ‘ALDF’ Anti-Foie Gras Suit

  1. narhvalur says:

    Thanks for the rebloggs! Ann

  2. My pleasure. Thank you.


  3. I saw this story. I wanted to scream or find out where I could get into the face of those jack asses that do those horrific things. Perhaps they ought to feel how it feels for the animal.

  4. narhvalur says:

    I can understand you, I feel the same!

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