Owen Paterson ( UK) Gets Cyber Attack Re Bees

The Daily Telegraph2013-03-20: The office of Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary, suffered a “cyber-attack” in which protesters sent 80,000 emails calling for more protection for bees. Mr Paterson said: “It is wrong that they should not get access to the e-mail system.” Photo: REX By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent 7:00AM GMT 20 Mar 2013 Comments The “bee-mails” were sent in protest at the UK Government’s failure to back a ban on pesticides environmentalists believe are killing bees. But Mr Paterson, the MP for North Shropshire, said the “cyber-attack” was a waste of his time that stopped him from… more »

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Photo: WN
A honey bee on the flower of almond Blossom

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2 Responses to Owen Paterson ( UK) Gets Cyber Attack Re Bees

  1. Belinda says:

    There is a great movie playing in your country at the moment.
    people are queuing up to see it,really…
    I think you would like it to!
    here is the link; http://www.osloby.no/oslopuls/film/Livsviktige-biroller-7144627.html#.UUs1vI6gygx
    It’s playing in Oslo,but maybe also where you live ?! Kind regards from Amsterdam 😉

  2. narhvalur says:

    Thank you Belinda for the tip!

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