CIGUDEG pleis bilong tu mi

There are about 260 living species of monkeys all over the world  had been recorded by Naturalists but excluded ape and human. Many of them inhabit the tropical rain forest in Indonesia. The Grey Monkey in the following photos can easily be seen in all National Parks in major islands of Java, Sumatra,Kalimatan(borneo), Sulawesi(celebes) and other small islands.

I don’t know what the word derived from as it is called “Monkey” for this creature. It could be from Mon and Key. So who is or what does Mon means?…. Solomon ?…. No! I don’t think so.  It sounds also funny when someone say to me ” you are like a monkey!” …. It always make me laugh out loud.

Grey Monkey

Long ago, I visited a rain forest at the slope of Mount Salak in Bogor and hundreds of them came down from the trees to meet us up with creepy looking…

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