Japan Will Not Give Up Whaling, Says Minister

The Los Angeles Times2013-02-27: A Japanese minister has set off a new uproar about whaling by reportedly insisting that his country need not give up the practice, calling it a key source of food and a cultural tradition. Fisheries minister Yoshimasa Hayashi apparently made no mention of the legal justification that Japan routinely uses for whaling,  that it is needed for scientific research. Global rules against killing whales include a loophole for such studies, but environmentalists have long maintained that Japan is abusing that loophole to kill whales for their meat. “Japan is an island nation surrounded by the sea, so… more »

Photo: AP

A young Japanese woman holding a child looks at the whale balloon of a pro-whaling group in Shimonoseki, southwestern Japan, Sunday, May 20, 2002. The plenary session of the 54th annual International Whaling Commission starts Monday in the Japan's once-thriving whaling capital. Japan is pushing hard for the IWC to overturn a ban on commercial whale hunts.



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