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This video is called Rare shore plover birds in flight at Plimmerton, near Wellington, New Zealand.

From Wildlife Extra:

Tragedy strikes Critically EndangeredNew Zealand shore plover population

Unknown cause for disappearance of Critically Endangered birds

February 2013. The critically endangered New Zealand shore plover population on Waikawa (Portland Island) has been dealt a harsh blow.

World population of just 200 birds

When Helen Jonas, New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC) team leader for the shore plover recovery on Portland Island visited late last year, she discovered the island population had been reduced to a quarter of what it was, and now just 20 birds remain. The total world population has been reduced to about 200 birds. “This has a huge impact on the viability of the species” said Ms Jonas, as Waikawa was considered to be a safe and stable population.

The privately owned…

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