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This video is called Mammals of the World: Lowland Tapir.

From Wildlife Extra:

Huge population of tapir discovered on Peru – Bolivian border

Paradise found for Latin America’s largest land mammal – WCS documents at least 14,500 lowland tapirs thriving in Peru and Bolivia‘s Madidi-Tambopata Landscape

January 2012. Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) scientists have documented a thriving population of lowland tapirs – the strange forest and grassland-dwelling herbivore with the trunk-like snout – living in a network of remote national parks spanning the Peru-Bolivia border.

Camera traps

Using a combination of camera traps, along with interviews with park guards and subsistence hunters, WCS estimates at least 14,500 lowland tapirs in the region. The population bridges five connected national parks in northwest Bolivia and southeastern Peru. The study brings together 12 years of research on lowland tapirs in the region. Together with WCS studies on jaguars, the results underscore…

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