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This video is about wild eels in streams (and a few wild brown trout).

From Wildlife Extra:

95% population decline in European eels spurs tracking research

Eels tagged to help scientists understand migration

January 2013. Nobody knows the underlying biological mechanisms of the European eel’s migration. Thanks to an EU-funded research project called eeliad, now about to reach completion, biologists have revealed some of its secrets, including a better understanding of its biology and migration route.

All European eels living from Northern Africa to Iceland are believed to migrate thousands of kilometres to the Sargasso Sea (The Sargasso Sea lies in the middle of the North Atlantic) to spawn. Findings of newly-hatched eel larvae in the Sargasso Sea strongly support this theory. But no eggs or adult eels have ever been caught in the area.

600 eels tagged

By attaching satellite and data storage tags to about…

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