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Comment From Rolling Habour Re ” Swim With Programs” For Manatees!!!…Attached Photo Says: ” Stupid Woman”!

Let’s compare and contrast that serene picture with another taken recently – the woman below who was detained in Florida for her ‘manatee riding’ antics…

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Now When Winter Comes….The Blackbirds Are Coming To The Gardens

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Originally posted on hike.wander.wonder:
This the second in our three-part exploration of rocks.  I’m teaching my 5-year-old about the three kinds of rocks (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic), what they are made of, and how they are created.  All…

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Climate Change And The Moth On My Window In October!

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Originally posted on ROLLING HARBOUR ABACO:
GEORGIE THE ABACO MANATEE – CHEROKEE’S SIRENIAN VISITOR  STAYS ON… There must be something special about Cherokee on Abaco. Georgie the Manatee, having travelled over from the Berry Is. early last month, spent 4…

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A Day Of Both Sorrow And Happiness—-My Mother Died Yesterday

Sorry readers that I have not replied to you , but I have had sorrow in my house, since my Mother died yesterday. It was a sad day, it was also a day of relief. She was very sick the final … Continue reading

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10 Biggest Eagles In The World

I am just going to make a guess here but I would just like some of the more experienced bird watchers to let me know of any flaws.  According to what I have researched in terms of “weight” I have … Continue reading

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More Cows On The Morning Walk

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Conference Tries To Curb Exploitation Of High Seas

PhysOrg2012-10-17:                      Covering 64 percent of the oceans and half the Earth’s surface, international waters have become the next frontier as fish stocks nearer to the coast run out and oil exploration ships are spurred on by high fuel prices. … Continue reading

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Rough-legged Buzzard / Fjällvråk

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