British zoos neglect animal welfare

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This video says about itself:

Jan 12, 2012

The animals in this video were observed at zoos in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and Romania as part of The EU Zoo Inquiry 2011, an extensive investigation conducted by the Born Free Foundation, in association with the European coalition ENDCAP, involving 200 zoos in 21 EU countries. It’s clear that the poor conditions witnessed during this investigation have taken their toll on the animals. See

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Majority of UK zoos are not providing proper animal care

Liam O’Brien

Wednesday 10 October 2012

More than three quarters of British zoos are failing to meet minimum animal welfare standards.

A study of inspections of 192 zoos in the UK showed only 47 are meeting all the legal requirements of the Zoo Licensing Act, with some falling down on…

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4 Responses to British zoos neglect animal welfare

  1. Lindy Lee says:

    The horror of captivity for any animals is they don’t have the consent option…

  2. narhvalur says:

    Captivity is the most cruel form of animal abuse!

  3. This is a very sensitive issue with me. What about the patrons to the zoo-do they not see the deterioation of the animals? I would be strongly voicing my concerns. I do not believe in animal captivity, however I can possibly see a situation where a mother is killed and the babies go to a wildlife animal refuge. This is so wrong.

  4. narhvalur says:

    Yes, this is very uppsetting and the animal organisations should be more vocal!

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