Global Warming Makes Fish Shrink

NZ Herald2012-09-30:                      A hearty fillet of fish, already a rare treat because of over-trawled oceans, will become even more infrequent in the future when global warming starts to reduce fish size, scientists say. Researchers looked at computer models to see how warmer, and thus less oxygenated, seas affected more than 600 species of fish. Compared to 2000, the maximum…                  more »


Fish spreads on the land for drying near fisheries - IndiaPhoto: WN

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1 Response to Global Warming Makes Fish Shrink

  1. lowerarchy says:

    The answer is to stop eating animals 😉
    and look after the oceans – but the elites work only for profit.
    That’s why we need a paradigm shift in human thinking

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