Ginseng Poachers To The Woods

US News2012-09-28:                      By TODD RICHMOND, Associated Press MADISON, Wis. (AP) — They slink through the woods in camouflage and face paint, armed with tire irons, screwdrivers and hoes, seeking a plant that looks like a cross between a Virginia creeper and poison ivy. They’re the new breed of ginseng diggers, a rough and tumble lot looking to parlay rising Asian demand for the increasingly rare plant’s roots into a fast buck. Amid a sluggish economy, police say, more diggers are pushing into the backcountry from the upper Mississippi River to the Smoky Mountains in search of wild ginseng, eschewing

Wikipedia ( Ginseng)

File:Panax quinquefolius.jpg

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1 Response to Ginseng Poachers To The Woods

  1. LOL!! Ann, you take me back to my youth. In the mid 70’s just north of Madison, Ginseng hunting was how I got my beer money. OOPS, did I say that out loud. Thank you for this memory. ;-D

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