World Rhino Day in Namibia

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This video from South Africa is called World Rhino Day 2011 – United Against Poaching.

From The Namibian in Namibia:

Namibia: World Rhino Day On Saturday

By Adam Hartman, 20 September 2012

Save the Rhino Trust (SRT) Namibia will be joining others around the world in celebrating World Rhino Day on Saturday.

For 30 years, SRT’s tracking teams have been protecting the desert-adapted black rhino population in the Kunene and Erongo regions of Namibia.

On World Rhino Day, individuals and businesses can show their appreciation for SRT’s efforts by making a donation to support the work of the organisation that has been monitoring and patrolling Namibia’s rhinos for three decades.

The World Rhino Day tradition was started in 2010 as an opportunity for people all over the world to take a stand against rhino poaching and the illegal trade in rhino horn.

These ancient mammals are under siege…

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1 Response to World Rhino Day in Namibia

  1. lowerarchy says:

    Great cause – how can people kill these amazing animals?

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