Serenity Spell

Do whatever you do intensely. —Robert Henri

I encountered this Green Heron — one of my favorites in our wetlands — perched high in the beautiful cypress trees, stalking its dinner during the approaching dusk. He sat with such intense focus (that face!), that I admired in silence for the entirety of his watch.

But this guy wasn’t just watching; he was most likely waiting. Green herons will often drop bait onto the water’s surface — including live insects, berries, twigs, or feathers — to attract fish. The more curious the fish…the more likely they’ll be dinner at the quick thrust of the heron’s sharp bill. This hunting technique, and use of tools, has earned Green Herons the well-deserved distinction as one of the world’s smartest birds.

When I hear their signature kuk or kyow, I search for these shy guys and their moppy crowns, in…

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  1. FeyGirl says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful (and smart) guy!

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