Commentary: Lab Animals Again

I have touched this topic previously and will just make a reprise on the fact that in the World the number of Lab animal experimentations are increasing.

That’s a sad fact because , it is just a political dilemma. Sick people’s organisations and sick people are demanding more animal experimentations.

Well, back in my Med School days at a famous Med School my teachers said the experiments were useless. Despite that we sacrifice billions of animals. And it could even be dangerous for humans. Don’t we all remember what happened in the UK some years ago ,when chemicals were harmless on animals , but almost killed the experiment humans , often poor students that risk their lives for testing new medicines.

Will just post this as I found in my old Biochemistry book by Strywer, that we can’t trust animal chemical testing as we have such different physiology and metabolism.

Just take the old example that chocolate can kill your dog and milk and lactose products are harmful to Hedgehogs but cigarettes fimps are compelety OK for Hedgehogs!

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5 Responses to Commentary: Lab Animals Again

  1. argylesock says:

    Animal work in labs is increasing largely because for genetic research. It’s rarely about testing chemicals and it rarely involves primates. Rodents are more useful.

    Here in the UK it’s very difficult to get an animal licence at all. You have to justify what you want to do and you have to meet criteria about how you’ll limit the number of animals and the amount they’ll suffer. The forms you have to fill in are long and stringent, publically available on the Home Office website. Getting a licence to work on primates, dogs or cats is almost impossible here now.

    If I had to choose between being a lab animal and being a child’s pet, I’d be a lab animal. Especially if I were a rabbit. There’s real cruelty in the way many pet rabbits are kept. Farm animals are kept pretty well too (stringent rules again) but for pets, you can do almost anything you like.

    Mind you, I know scientists who’ve moved to American labs to do animal work that would be forbidden in Britain.

  2. narhvalur says:

    I’ll will post your reply tomorrow on the main site with a comment from me! I agree with you on some points , but don’t forget REACH.

  3. argylesock says:

    I’m not familiar with REACH so I look forward to what you’ll say.

  4. lowerarchy says:

    Terrible and upsetting.

  5. narhvalur says:

    Promised to reblog your comment with a reply today, but that will be tomorrow, must check some things first!

    Thanks for your comment!

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