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Black-bellied Whistling Ducks — also known as Black-bellied Tree Ducks — are a common sight in our wetlands. I adore these ducks: They have a quirky appearance, they’re docile and sweetly tempered, and are constantly paired. You rarely see one without its companion.

The Black-bellied Whistling Duck is one of only two whistling-duck species native to North America, and is most often referred to as simply the “whistling duck” in our area — and in the South in general. These ducks are considered unusual for North American waterfowl, with their striking appearance, long, dangling legs, and odd feeding habits. The males and females of the species look alike.

Mainly non-migratory, Black-bellied Whistling Ducks are native to the southernmost United States and South America. They live in freshwater ponds, lakes, and marshes, or cultivated land and reservoirs that are plentiful with vegetation. They usually nest in hollow trees, but will nest…

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  1. FeyGirl says:

    Thanks so much for sharing our sweet and colorful ducks!!

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