France To Fight Ban On Foie Gras

France to fight ban on foie grasrelated news

France will fight for the right to continue exporting foie gras, the delicacy produced by the force-feeding of geese and ducks, President Francois Hollande has pledged. A law against foie gras sales took effect in California this…

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5 Responses to France To Fight Ban On Foie Gras

  1. jwils19 says:

    horrible! Hey, don’t get me wrong…I eat meat….but when do people get the idea that making any animal suffer extreme and unnecessary punishment to produce some special type of food is a good thing? “delicacies” like this make me ashamed to be human.

  2. jwils19 says:

    I wish they would ban veal.

  3. narhvalur says:

    Good reply, I will post it on my main site later today!
    Thanks for your kindness!

  4. FeyGirl says:

    continues to boggle the mind that this is even allowed… ditto to the veal. 😦

  5. narhvalur says:

    The agri business is even bigger and greeder than oil…of course there are good farmers as well! They have power, we must show compassionate people how animals suffer!

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