Poem From Stephen Page’s Blog

The Horseback Vet


My white pickup was splashing mud

when I lept out

near the wood in lot twenty-one.


A cow was lying on her side,

her eyes rolled back,

throat gurgling air.


A calf was stuck halfway out

of the uterus, bloody faced, tongue lolled,

crimson bubbles popping from its nostrils.


I grabbed it by the forelegs

and tugged it out, cleared its nose

and throat with my fingers.


I pressed on the cow’s chest

every five seconds, then stroked

them both and whispered reassurances;


but I feared I had arrived too late

to prevent them from lifting

into eucalypti leaves.


Then He rode up behind me,

jumped from his horse,

syringes strapped to his belt.


He rubbed placenta on her nose

grabbed her by the tail and spun her around

so she could fully scent her calf.


We watched her wobble to her feet,

the calf rolled over onto his stomach

and pricked up his ears.


I witnessed a calf being born…..


About narhvalur

Environmentalist, Animal Lover, Birder,Equastrian
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