Pesticides in Kenya kill birds

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This video is about Kenyan birds.

From The Star (Nairobi, Kenya):

Kenya: Wetland Birds Face Extinction On Rice Irrigation Schemes

By Carol Mbabazi, 4 July 2012

Rice irrigation schemes around Lake Victoria region and in other rice-producing areas of Kenya are leading to the mass poisoning of endangered bird species and threatening human health in the process. Lake Victoria’s wetland system hosts vast areas under rice cultivation. Tens of thousands of resident and migrant bird species are attracted to these rice plantations annually. Illegal hunters have taken advantage of this and are poisoning tens of thousands of birds using rice laced with the deadly pesticideCarbofuran.

Kenyan conservationist Martin Odino has conducted studies in Bunyala Rice Scheme, the most westerly of the rice plantations. In Bunyala during the rainy season, which is also the time for planting, water floods the fields and attracts a variety of wetland…

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  1. ladyfi says:

    Wow – amazing.

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