British hare decline

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This is a brown hare video.

From Wildlife Extra, about Britain:

UK hare numbers decline by 80% – Time for a close season

Hare hunting should be banned during breeding season – Urge your MP to sign a motion

June 2012. Hare numbers have declined from around 4 million a century ago to just 750-800,000 hares today.

There are two main reasons for this decline.

A shift in agricultural practices so hay meadows have been replaced by silage production. Under this system, the meadows are cut more often each year so the leverets (baby hares) get killed by farm machinery more often as they do not have earths to escape to, unlike rabbits.

Although it is illegal to hunt hares with dogs, it isn’t illegal to shoot them for sport. Tens of thousands of leverets starve to death each year when their nursing mothers are shot. It is estimated…

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