British eagle persecution history

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This video is called Sea Eagle – Isle of Skye – Scotland.

From Wildlife Extra:

Eagles were once widespread across Britain

New study reveals historic range of native species

June 2012. Innovative new research has revealed the impact of human persecution and habitat destruction on Britain and Ireland’s native eagle species over a period of 1500 years.

The study, published in the journal Bird Study, indicates that both white-tailed and golden eagles were once found across large tracts of lowland and upland Britain and Ireland but populations plummeted as a result of human activity.

Place-name analysis, historic records and modern knowledge

Using a combination of place-name analysis, historic records and modern knowledge of the species’ ecology, researchers were able to estimate the former range and population of both eagles between 500 AD and the present day.

Major declines after 500AD

The resulting maps paint a sad picture of…

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