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This video from the USA is called Bat White-nose Syndrome: There is a New Fungus Among Us By Dr. David Blehert.

By Jennifer Viegas:

Bat, Bee, Frog Deaths May Be Linked

Why has disease been killing off bats, bees and frogs? Shared factors may link the deaths.

Fri Jun 1, 2012 08:00 AM ET


Habitat loss, climate change and pesticide use may be putting bats, bees and frogs at greater risk for diseases.
Fungal diseases affecting bats and frogs eat through their skin, sometimes even replacing it.
Conservationists are trying to create safe, man-made habitats for the animals.

In recent years, diseases have ravaged through bat, honeybee and amphibian populations, and now animal experts suspect that shared factors may link the deaths, which are putting many species at risk for extinction.

The latest setback affects bats, given this week’s announcement that the deadly fungal…

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