Baby killifish born

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This video from Africa is called Killifish in natural habitat.

From ZSL London Zoo in England:

New hatchlings in the Aquarium

Thursday 10 May 2012

At ZSL London Zoo we are celebrating the arrival of some baby ma[n]grove killifish, that hatched out very recently in the Aquarium.

Mangrove killifish are an astounding species of fish, for a number of reasons:

Natural populations are self-fertilizing hermaphrodites, the only natural example of cloning among vertebrates.
Has been observed to “flip” out of water to escape predation. It has also been observed moving amphibiously between ponds or burrows and can survive for prolonged periods out [of] water living on the forest floor.
In addition to tolerating extremes in salinity and temperature, it also tolerates high sulfide levels. As such, it is generally found in areas lacking other fish species, such as crab burrows, stagnant pools and impounded ditches.
its distribution closely parallels…

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