Millions of tax dollars for killing egrets

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This video from the USA is called Brown-headed cowbird.

From Wildlife Extra:

US spends millions killing dangerous pests – Mallards, egrets, godwits & doves

2400 ‘dangerous’ mallard ducks were killed by US ‘Wildlife Services’

USA has spent $1 billion killing wildlife – Why?

May 2012. The US Government spends hundreds of millions every year on ‘exterminating wildlife pests’. We can understand that, in some cases, perhaps a Mountain lion that is killing sheep, or ….? There must be something else; there can be a good reason to kill a few animals, but the number and species that have actually been killed seem extraordinary.

‘Dangerous animals’ – A joke

However Wildlife Extra has looked at the list of animals that were killed in 2010 by a US federal agency, ‘Wildlife Services’ and found the following dangerous animals and pests were amongst those killed by the ‘Wildlife Services’…

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