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Originally posted on Happily Ever After 7.10.11:
Each week a new group of horses runs through the auction circuit. Some of the horses have been there before, some haven’t, and others will never see it again. Many horses ship to slaughter…

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California Wildlife Services Methods Leave A Trail Of Death

Sacramento Bee2012-04-30:                      The day began with a drive across the desert, checking the snares he had placed in the sagebrush to catch coyotes. Gary Strader, an employee of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, stepped out of his truck near … Continue reading

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Oh My God! Browsing WordPress And See That Two People Who Follow Me Love Sea World!!!! I give Up! !10 Years Of Campaigning Against Dolphin And Orca Captivity And Then see people like Them Loving It! Remebre Hugo the Orca That Committed Suicide In Seaquarium Smashing His Head Against The Concrete Wall!

Hugo committed suicide by smashing his head into the concrete tank wall to come to the freedom and not doing silly doggy tricks! POOR ANIMALS

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Another Freaky Unknown Animal Without ID! Stockholm Windowshopping—-Part 7

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Young Keith Richards In Stockholm Windowshopping—Part 4

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Today’s Bird No 1: WoW, Seems Like A Merlin/ A Real Catch Today ( Stenfalk); Wow Two, it might be an even rarer bird a Falco Vespertinus ( Aftonfalk) Red-footed Falcon

Latin name ( Text from RSPB) Falco columbarius Family Falcons and allies (Falconidae) Overview The UK’s smallest bird of prey, this compact, dashing falcon has a relatively long, square-cut tail and rather broad-based pointed wings, shorter than those of other … Continue reading

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Brimstone/ Citronfjäril

Distribution ( Text From Wikipedia) G. rhamni lives in Europe, North Africa and Asia as far east as Mongolia. It is widely distributed across the southern half of the United Kingdom, and has been steadily increasing its range in the … Continue reading

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Red Squirrels Still Eating Sunflower Seed In My Garden

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Yesterday: Record Number Of People Visited My Blog! Almost 700 Visitors!!!!

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A Nice Row Of Nesting Boxes

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