White orca spotted, a first

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This video from Russia is called White Orca.

Here is another version of that video.

This story is, ironically, by Richard Black, Environment correspondent, BBC News:

23 April 2012 Last updated at 01:19 GMT

White killer whale adult spotted for first time in wild

Scientists have made what they believe to be the first sighting of an adult white orca, or killer whale.

The adult male, which they have nicknamed Iceberg, was spotted off the coast of Kamchatka in eastern Russia.

It appears to be healthy and leading a normal life in its pod.

White whales of various species are occasionally seen; but the only known white orcas have been young, including one with a rare genetic condition that died in a Canadian aquarium in 1972.

The sightings were made during a research cruise off Kamchatka by a group of Russian scientists and students, co-led by Erich…

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