On Request I Will Open My Comment’s Box Tomorrow—What Will Be New On The Blog!

Many people have urged me to open my comment’s box. The reason it has been closed has been due to abusive comments from my ” friends”, you know those I have mentioned now in my posts.

I will also , start to post on a weekly basis, a post that is quite controversial, like is it right to kill Sea lions to save endangered Salmon! Here the issue is animal rights vs environmentalism, or as a friend of mine said , I rather eat whale than the last Sardine!

I hope for a good discussion with many viewpoints.

It has also been requested posts on horse cruelty, we have many horse people here on the blog!

Birding season has started in Sweden, so there will be almost daily bird piccies…

News from my new friends in Egypt, Animal Aid, Egypt, is also on the agenda…plus much more

PS. I forgot to mention that author and environmentalist John Brian Shannon from Canada, will start to contribute to the blog. I will blog on his blog as well under NATURE. Check out!

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