Nomination Time! I Got A Blog On Fire Award! Trillion Thanks!!!!

Tania Jessica  Smith,, nominated me for this award! Thanks Tania!

Here are the rules for the Award:

Firstly I want to express my gratitude to EVERYONE who has been kind enough to ‘like’ my posts !

So, for  Blog on Fire awards the ‘rules,’ should you choose to accept, are……

1. Thank and link to the person who awarded you (you are allowed to be as gushing with this as takes your fancy!)

2. Share seven random facts about yourself.

3. Pass the award on to more blogging friends.

4. Contact those friends with the link and congratulate them!

5. Post your award with pride.

Some people don’t like Awards, think this is just for fun , and don’t feel any pressure to accept it !

My nominees are randomly:

1) Kotev 1000,

2) Orples,

3) Scott Marshall ,

4) Owl Moon Raptor Center,


6) Jai Long ,

7) Dr Rayya’s Veterinary Journal;

8) Stephanielane 2012 ,

9) Janah,

10) Ahmed H,

SSeven facts about myself! LOL!

1) I’m Happy with Life, couldn’t wish for more ,  except children, can’t have any as I had a tumour and my Uterus was removed.

2) My Days are occupied with Animal and Environmental issues

3) I drive fast! LOL!

4) A Forest Troll

5) Worried about the rapid decline of species on this Planet

6) Think I’m a Loner!!!

7)I’m a veggie but can eat if necessary meat if I know the animal has had a good life, then I prefer Reindeer meat or Wild Boar.

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