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This video from the USA is called Trump‘s Sons Kills Exotic Animals on African Safari (Photos).

Like Rush Limbaugh, fellow United States millionaire Donald Trump is also losing sponsors.

From Wildlife Extra:

Trump hunting story stirs major hornets nest – TV sponsor withdraws from ‘Apprentice USA’

Donald Trump Junior elephant hunt

March 2012. The story that Wildlife Extra ran last week about Donald Trump Junior and his brother Eric shooting an elephant a leopard, a crocodile and various other animals on a hunting trip in Zimbabwe has stirred up a real hornets’ nest. The story has reappeared all over the world, and created heated debates and much revulsion as well as some support for the Trump brothers. (One thing that is noticeable is the Wildlife Extra is virtually never credited, which is disappointing).

The Trumps have defended their actions, but the huge groundswell of ill feeling that…

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