The ‘quadruplets’


Our four emus are identical in every way. So I guess I was wise in giving them all the same name – Emery – which they all respond to. They are becoming more and more ‘at home’ here and, over the last week, I have been letting them free-range for longer and longer and, so far, they have not wandered too far. Also, it is easier now to get them back into their yard for the night. I have a little camp chair in there so, once they’re in, I usually sit and watch them eat their cabbage and lettuce (the afternoon treat) before leaving them to it.

As you can see below, they are very tame and, even though they like shiny things (I will have to stop wearing my watch out there because it always gets pecked!) they are never aggressive. I adore them.

Oh-oh! They’ve disappeared, so we are now going to…

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