Birds Vol 1 #1 – The Yellow Throated or (Black-mandibled) Toucan

Lee's Birdwatching Adventures Plus

Birds Illustrated by Color Photography – Revisited

Vol 1. January, 1897 No. 1



(Ramphastos ambiguus) or Black-mandibled) Toucan


I am a Toucan and I live in a very warm country.

See my handsome black coat and my yellow vest.

My toes are like a parrot’s, two in front and two behind.

They help me to hold to the limbs.

Look at my large beak. It looks heavy but it is not, as it is filled with air cells. These make it very light. Do you like my blue eyes?

My nest is very hard to find. If I tell you where it is, you will not take the eggs, will you? It is in a hollow limb of a very high tree.

I am very fond of fruit, and for this reason the people on the plantations do not like me very well.

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