Caught into the Binding

Underpaper Breath

Janus’ Daughter

Blood Rose

Into Thin Hair

Princess of Coincidence

Behind My Back

You Know Me So Well

High Noon

Self Confession

My Past is Blank

You, Bitch!

Type Setter

Paper doesn’t come from a tree. It is a tree, or at least it was, before being crushed into a pulp, then bleached and pressed and mixed and steamed and rolled into a large sheet. Verticality reduced to Flatland, really. A far-reaching event takes place here, on this surface, and precisely when the tree’s thirsty fibers absorb the fresh ink, whose main ingredient is of botanic origin. The Birth of Information, in printed form, happens for a chemical meeting of plants. This probably explains the word Culture: the learning process is based on cultivation.

This new series of Photography Photographed can be seen as a temporal double-deck, a time sandwich where the picture is…

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